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* Ausrisse/Kleinzitate § 51 UrhG, Nr. 2.

    ** PDF presently available at Italian Website ©

GERMAN (unfortunately and at the present, the German PDF is not available any more on this website, as has been the case for 15 years*; however, please see Italian website), or  see the PDF in ENGLISH.
** PDF copy of German broschure, presented by ©

© Das Copyright ist zu beachten. Downloads der Scans sind nicht erlaubt. Ausdrucke (Printouts) für den persönlichen Gebrauch sind gemäß Urheberrecht gestattet.

* We hope that the Watchtower Society, Germany branch, will allow to present the German PDF here again in the future, since the download possibility has been linked with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), Washington D.C., to the benefit of readers and researchers, since 2003 (expired on April 30, 2017). Thank you.


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